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transparents, yo.

One more thing, it really annoys me when people dont read/ignore my guidelines (specifically requesting more than one edit) I DO KNOW WHEN YOUVE REQUESTED MULTIPLE TIMES. I just dont have the time to make unlimited requests for everyone. Please respect that. I find it really upsetting that people cant follow the few simple guidelines I have. Ok im gonna stop now cause im on the verge of crying. Anyways, if you read both of these, youre the bomb.


please stop requesting an edit multiple times within a few days. I get to these in my FREE TIME. My life doesnt revolve around this blog. I go out of my way to take requests which can sometimes take up to a half an hour each to edit. I feel like some people just expect edits to be done right away, which isnt fair. (AND REALLY ANNOYING) This kinda turned into a rant but whatev. thats all. stay rad, friends.

Thanks for 4k guys!!!

Can you do something related to adventure time? Thanks 💜