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transparents, yo.


Okay so I added a new rule to my guidelines for making requests. I’M ONLY TAKING ONE REQUEST PER PERSON. If you send in more than one, I’ll only pick your first request. (This is only because my message box fills up quickly). Thanks!

How do u make Transparents?? Xxx

It depends on what software you use.

How do you make transparents? And is there any apps you know of that I could edit pictures and put transparents with them?

Transparents are usually made by using some type of software or program (like I use). Use the app pic collage, it’s great for collages.

Could you please explain what i can use transparents for Is there anything I can use then for on an iphone?

Typically people use them for collages. I use them in the app pic collage.

How do you are you pictures were emoji

wait what